About Our Pharmacy

Canadianmedspharmacy.com is the premier Canadian mail order intermediary for brand name, highest quality pharmaceutical products, at substantial savings from typical U.S. prices. There are no third world substitutions, all prescriptions are individually reviewed and approved by licensed doctors and pharmacists and the drugs are all approved through the Canadian government.

  1. The cost of prescription drugs for Americans continues to rise at an alarming rate.
  2. Millions of Americans, including Medicare beneficiaries on fixed incomes, face a daily choice between purchasing life-sustaining prescription drugs, or paying for other necessities, such as food and housing.
  3. Many life-saving prescription drugs are available in countries other than the United States at substantially lower prices, even though such drugs were developed and are approved for use by patients in the United States.
  4. Many Americans travel to other countries to purchase prescription drugs because the medications they need are unaffordable in the United States.
  5. Americans should be able to purchase medicines at prices that are comparable to prices for such medicines in other countries, but efforts to enable such purchases should not endanger the gold standard for safety and effectiveness that has been established and maintained in the United States.